Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013

It´s done

... ok I am done, more like. The stories moved, all blogs with interlinking tabs...

About time hubby finally does that killing-and-resurrecting of our computer so I can get started on another story!! *lol*

Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

One of these Days is moving...

Now that the story is finished, it's time to face the fact that I made some stupid mistakes while posting it, one of them being posting it on the "main" page here.


Anyways, I have been moving it to it's own blog- roughly one chapter a day- over the last weeks, and will hopefully finish doing this Sunday this week. After I am done, I will remove the chapters from THIS blog here and add another tab linking to new one.

I will keep on using this blog as my main, but add links to new stories and suchlike whenever necessary.

Sorry about any inconvenience ^^