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6500, in the meantime, although I have not updated ... much... at all, lately? Hmmmm...

Well at least I will upload a contest entry today. Which should prevent you people from dying of boredom while waiting for me to update my actual story ^^


Oh crap. Sometime yesterday this blog passed the 5000 hits, and I neither noticed nor have I anything prepared to celebrate the occasion   O.o

OH I AM SUCH A BAD HOST!!! Everybody have a dry cookie, please... *runsawayinshame* 


It's not secret that I am not the most technical person. But still, it annoys me to NO END that I can't seem to figure out how to make THIS VERY tab of my blog here the "home" tab.... so I guess I will spend my precious Saturday trying to move One of these Days around. Jeeeeeze. I'd really prefer to do something else with my free time :o/ 


I have to admit that I am more than just a little surprised now- although it took me AGES do publish the next chapter, the blog has quietly passed  4000 views in the meantime!
Wow o.O
Thank you, readers, both visible and invisible ones! :D


Ok, I am officially ashamed now that I have not published the next chapter yet- 
some time during last night´s much needed beauty sleep, the hits have not only reached, but already PASSED the 3000

I think I will go sorting the pics for chapter 14 now. It´s about time I make some progress! :oD


Wow, more than 2300 hits since march? Thanks for your interest, I say! o.O

Ok, the relations between the characters in One of these Days seem to be a bit confusing... soooo I think I will try to make a sort- of- family tree.
If I go insane about this, you are to blame *g*


  1. Hm, I just don´t want to loose this link... just in case, cause, yanno, hubby is going to kill the pc sometime soon..

  2. And this one, of course!